Alexandra Sturges


Certificates and Degrees

Alexandra Sturges
  • Vermont Yoga Asana Champion in 2015 and 2016, and has competed for the national title two years running.
  • Teaches 7 beginner classes per week at Queen City Bikram Yoga, and has lead the advanced series.
After a childhood riddled with respiratory problems and Lymes Disease, Alex began practicing Bikram yoga in 2010 when a bout of severe pneumonia left her unable to even walk up stairs, let alone run and hike outside, which was how she liked to stay active. Her doctor recommended that she try Bikram yoga, which is a 90 min practice done in a heated room, to heal her lungs. Despite having tried every treatment available for her respiratory issues, including surgery, the first winter that she practiced the yoga 4 times a week, was the first winter she didn't get sick once. Alex now uses Bikram Yoga to manage her respiratory issues and Lymes Disease, and is asymptomatic without any medication.