Mike DesRosiers


Certificates and Degrees

Mike DesRosiers

  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Prof. Nicolas Gregoriades.
  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Aiki Jujitsu under Sensei Chris Ballard.
  • Cross trained in Muay Thai.
  • Has trained with the late Carlson Gracie Sr., Rodrigo Medeiros, UFC Fighter Tom Murphy, KOTC Fighter Bob Hugues and more.
  • Green belt in Taekwondo earned at age 12 (Under Master Alba Rosario).
  • Orange in Shaolin Kempo Karate (Under Mike Rooney).
  • 6th Kyu in Aikido (Under Sensei Ken Nisson).
  • Has competed in numerous tournaments & amateur MMA.



Mike has had an interest in martial arts since he was 12 years old having started training in Tae Kwon Do earning the rank of Green belt. Over the years since then he’s dabbled in Aikido, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Shaolin Kempo and he’s earned a black belt ranking in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Nicholas Gregoriades and a black belt in Aiki Jujitsu under Master Chris Ballard.

In 1998 Mike started training in Shaolin Kempo Karate under Mike Rooney at the Vermont Martial Arts academy and at the same time started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After 6 months of training both styles Mike had earned a purple belt in Karate and a blue belt in BJJ. Mike realized his passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and stopped training Karate to dedicate his full attention to the grappling arts. Mike has since attended seminars taught by the late Carlson Gracie, Murilo Bustamante, Rodrigo Medeiros, and Hannette Stack, competed numerous times throughout his BJJ career, became an instructor at the United Fighting Arts institute in 2008, and earned his black belt in Aiki Jujitsu from Master Chris Ballard in 2013 and his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Nicholas Gregoriades in 2015.

Mike is currently instructing gi and no-gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affiliated with the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood and is an assistant instructor in Aiki Jujitsu at the United Fighting Arts Institute.