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Sifu Angel Herrera started practicing Kajukenbo in January 1992 at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. While earning his engineering degree at the University, he also took some Judo and Wing Chun Kung Fu. In 1997 he earned the privilege of becoming one of Grandmaster Ortega's direct students. While learning under Grandmaster Ortega he started teaching at the University and officially founded (and inscribed in the Campus) the Mayaguez chapter of the Puerto Rico Kajukenbo Association (P.R.K.A. R.U.M.). In October 1999 (after 7 and half years of practicing Kajukenbo) he earned his black belt from Grandmaster Ortega. During this period of time he also was introduced to the style of Kosho Ryu Kenpo by Grandmaster Ortega, his son Professor Nataniel Ortega and Hanshi Bruce Juchnick (Kosho Ryu Kenpo's Grandmaster). On 2001 he graduated from the University with an Electrical Engineering degree and moved to the Unites States bringing with him Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo to the state of Vermont. On 2002 he started teaching in Vermont and also received his 2nd degree black belt in Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo from Professor Ortega. In 2004 Sifu Herrera founded the Vermont Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo LLC, the first and only Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo Association in Vermont.

Thanks to Sifu Herrera, many martial arts students in Vermont have been discovering the beauty and effectiveness of the Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo system. Sifu Herrera expects that one day Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu Kenpo is expanded and taught throughout Vermont by all of his devoted students.



What is Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu?

Kajukenbo is the first Native American martial art. It was developed in the

streets of Hawaii between 1947 and 1949 and it was created strictly for self defense.

The word Kajukenbo stands for: KA=Karate (Tang Soo Doo),

JU=Judo/Jujitsu (Kodokan Judo, Sekeino Ju-jitsu), KEN=Kenpo (Kara-ho),

BO=Chinese Boxing (Shaolin Kung-Fu). All of these disciplines are

included in a single system.


About Kosho Ryu Kenpo

Kosho Ryu is the art of the late Grand Master James Mitose. Its roots date
back more than 700 years in ancient Japan. Kosho Ryu Kenpo deals with
positioning, displacement and understanding of motion and balance in the
human body. Every martial art that has Kenpo in it comes one way or
another from Master Mitose’s line. Kosho Ryu stands for: KO= Old,SHO=Pine tree, RYU= Style.


Why Practice Kajukenbo Kosho Ryu?

Combined, these two arts create one of the most effective systems of self
defense in the world that can be used by anyone anywhere. It combines the
hard and soft styles in just one and it is equally effective standing up or lying
on the ground. This is not a sport style; this is self defense in its purest form.
Kajukenbo has been used by law enforcement officers, undercover agents,
bodyguards, Special Forces, etc. and now it is here in Vermont to be taught to the general public.

Contact Sifu Angel Herrera For Details/Pricing
Phone: (787) 435-4431